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after another 5 months of editing, our stellar Berlin-based film agency aug&ohr is now promoting “Ja, Andrei Iwanowitsch” at film festivals around the world. We look forward for the premiere of our film in early summer. check it here: ...
Being versatile is key. Actor and bodyguard in one day. Stellar Andrei.  
The trailer of the documentary about a man with superpower. We just edited a special 3-minute version of our long trailer. Check it out:  
was great to see Andrei and Denis last weekend. Joining Denis in the editing room, and Andrei at his workplace, busy as ever)
workshop andrei iwanowitsch
We attended a two day workshop about how to pitch cinema projects, how to best present our story about Andrei Iwanowitsch, how to attract investors. Thanks to the whole Team of the Northern Lights Nordic Film Festival in Belarus. 
here our official film poster. Big thanks to Anton Romanenko for the art work, and Viktoria Salauyeva for the stellar photo..
After almost two years since the project kicked off, Denis and Sinie Gory withdrew from contact, we started editing the film. Here we regularly post you some insights from our work. Also we keep you updated on what Andrei is doing in the meantime…